With the Apple Watch  you can control Link and change the 'housestatus' or control a 'scenes'.

House status in Link

To make it easy to switch on the right lamps at home, you can automate these per  'homestatus'

For example, with the status 'someone at home' you set the lighting in the hallway, living room and dining room to be switched on automatically.

If you set the house status to 'sleep mode' you can, for example, set the following:

  • The lighting below goes out after 10 minutes
  • The bedroom lighting comes on and must remain on for 30 minutes.
  • With the Apple Watch you can change your house status even easier!

Create Scenes in Link

You can create 'scenes' per room to easily operate multiple lights or switches at once.

For example, set all the lighting in the living room to 20% for mood lighting in one go.

After creating the scenes in the mobile app you can select this preset via the Apple Watch.