It is currently not possible to connect a motion detector to the Link. Motion detectors are responsible  for 90% of all false alarms in security systems. Therefore we have chosen to introduce a security system without a motion detector. Door / Window sensors are more reliable, and also a lot cheaper.

We are currently investigating the options of a motion detector to our product line up with which you can switch on/off your lighting. For as of now, we do not have a date regarding when this product will be ready.

Is there an alternative?

For home security we recommend using our 'Smartwares SH8-90401 Door/window contact'. These sensors are more reliable compared to motion detectors, more affordable, and can be mounted on almost all windows and doors without the usage of tools.

If you want to turn your lights on upon entering a room (for example in the toilet or in a pantry), you can also use the Door/Window Sensor. With a timer you can choose to turn the light on for a few minutes, or to turn the lights off when the door is closed. 

More information about setting up 'Door/Window sensor' on the Link can be found here.