A Thermo-hygrometer accurately measures temperature and humidity. Before you can use this thermo hygrometer properly, it must be added to the link. The following type of Thermo Hygrometer can be added to the Link;


Add thermo-hygrometer to the link

Before adding the smoke alarm to the link, keep the following in mind:

  • One at a time

You can only add one thermo-hygrometer at a time. Adding multiple thermohygrometers at the same time can cause undesirable behavior.

  • Pairing for the first time or not
The moment the thermo-hygrometer comes out of the package. Do not pull the tab out yet. If the tab is no longer present, remove the batteries from the thermohygrometer.

The following steps explain how to add the thermo-hygrometer in the HomeWizard Link App: 

  1. Open the 'HomeWizard link' app.
  2. Go to the 'My Home' tab at the bottom right of the screen. (Opens automatically when opening the app)
  3. In the app, go to the 'Home Settings' by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner.
  4. Select 'Aad device '
  5. Select 'Thermometer' to add a thermo-hygrometer to the link.
  6. When everything is properly prepared, press 'Next' to start pairing.
    • Remove the tab of the thermo-hygrometer behind the cover
    • Remove the back cover and put the batteries back into the thermo-hygrometer, (note the polarity)
      • Follow the further instructions on the app.
  7. Congratulations, you have added a thermo-hygrometer to the HomeWizard link. 

In order to make optimal use of the batteries, the thermo-hygrometer does not constantly send out data. By default, this happens about every minute or when the values change. After a first pairing, it can also take up to 10 minutes before data becomes visible in the HomeWizard Link app.

View the thermo-hygrometer

After pairing it is possible to view the thermo-hygrometer. Once a thermo-hygrometer has been added, it will be displayed in the added room under 'Control' if a card is visible in the home screen at 'My home' in a card.

When using several thermo-hygrometers in different rooms, these are added together as one card in 'My house'.

  • Open the 'HomeWizard app'  
  • Click 'Control' at the bottom of the screen.
  • You are now in the "Control" screen. Locate the newly added thermo-hygrometer in the added space.
    • View the 'tile' of the thermo-hygrometer for the temperature as humidity
    • Long press on the 'tile' to see a clear display of the temperature and humidity.

Placement of the thermo-hygrometer

After connecting the thermometer, it can be placed in any desired room. Keep in mind that this thermo-hygrometer is not water resistant.


The thermo-hygrometer is powered with 2 x "AA" 1.5V batteries. Depending on the strength of the batteries and in which room the thermo-hygrometer is located. The paired thermometer will last about a year.